Kindle or Paperback? (Books)

One of the things that intrigues me about reading is how some people are so passionate about printed books and others are perfectly content with electronic stories. Some readers are fairly polarised about this issue but I tend to read both.

As a writer and avid reader of narratives, it fascinates me that many have really strong opinions on this matter. Below are some of the points that people I know have made about the two types of books.

Kindle Ebooks

– Easy to read on the move as they can be accessed using your mobile phone, kindle reader or iPad.

– Navigable. You can use a drop-down list to select what chapter or page you want to find instantly.

– They track where you have got to, even updating different devices. If I read on my iPad kindle app, it will update my phone app too so I always know where I am. No bookmarks falling out and making me lose my place.

– Kindle books are usually cheaper, often just a few pounds or up to ten pounds if newer.

– Ebooks take up less space.

Paperback books

– They smell good when freshly opened. Nothing beats the feel of a brand new book.

– Being compact, they are great to take on trains or read on holiday by the beach.

– You can make notes in them or add post-it notes. Some readers like to highlight sections or add comments.

– Books can be handed to friends to read when you have finished or sold on afterwards.

– Paperback books tend to hurt your eyes less as they don’t emit bright lights.

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Honeycomb – A Book to Cherish

AFF – These is a link to the Amazon version of this book. I would get a small kickback if you bought a copy, at no expense to yourself. This is an honest review of a book I purchased myself.

This year Joanne Harris brought out a compendium book of short stories called ‘Honeycomb’. Originally this collection stemmed from a series of short Twitter stories that Joanne had written over the past few years. As a lover of these intriguing fairy tales, I got myself a copy straight away.

This is the beautiful hardback version.

Anyone who follows Joanne (@joannechocolat) on Twitter, will know that she likes to tell a story as a twitter thread, piece by piece. Usually each story commences with, ‘There is a story the bees used to tell…’ I seem to have a thing about bees lately, as ‘Writers and Lovers’ (recently reviewed here) also had a fascination with them.

In A Nutshell…

A Lacewing King travels the worlds and comes across a variety of odd and sometimes dark characters. For instance he meets the Spider Queen and the deadly Harlequinn. He acquires a coat of bees which often protects him from dangerous forces but his common sense frequently lets him down and he is drawn to hazardous situations.

These exquisite stories range from two to ten pages each and are easy to pick up and put down. When I have a spare five minutes I read another one and can guarantee it will give me something to ponder afterwards. Each tale presents a warning, a message or a clue that builds towards an overarching tapestry of stories. This work of fiction is gripping, imaginative and thought-provoking.

If you haven’t tried one of Joanne’s books before, start here. These bite size narratives are thrilling and fun. As soon as you have tried one of her stories, you will be keen to explore more of her work. She also writes YA books about Loki and the Norse Gods and is famous for writing ‘Chocolat’ which was turned into a movie with Judi Dench and Juliette Binoche.

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Short Or Long Chapters?

I like short chapters. Easy to read.

Today I was talking about the size of the ‘Dune’ novel, and other such treats, when the conversation turned to chapter size. It seems that my friends are very similar to me in thinking that chapter length is more important than book length.

Do you like a long book?

After some discussion, we realised that if chapters are relatively short we don’t mind reading a slightly longer book than usual. Although we lean towards books that are 250 pages long, we will happily read anything up to about 400 words so long as the chapters aren’t too overwhelming.

My book choices

I have started to really enjoy YA books and am indeed writing one myself. These books are usually less than 250 pages long. They also traditionally comprise of short chapters (usually 3 to 10 pages).

There are plenty of novels that are around 400 pages that I have read recently too. I am a big fan of Joanne Harris and she often produces dramas that are around that length but I get totally engrossed, reading a chapter at a time.

Liane Moriarty also writes novels with mainly short chapters although hers vary. As I am reading her book, ‘Three Wishes’, I am finding that most of her chapters are about six pages long. The reason I like this so much is because they are each written about a different character. Also, I am able to read each chapter in short amounts of time, sometimes squeezing them in before appointments.

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