Don’t Forget the Climate – Poem

As you eat your Christmas dinner,

Open presents, laugh and play,

Try to remember the climate crisis,

It won’t slow down or go away.

When you get together, think

About sharing transport, using trains,

Save on fuel and pollution,

And definitely avoid planes.

Look after neighbours,

Spread some cheer,

But remember the climate,

It’s changing all year!

Pass the parcel, drink the wine,

Watch a movie and sing

Recycle and try not to waste

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

A Story I Started

Everybody loves a Christmas story – right?

As Christmas approaches, I have started writing fiction on Wattpad again. I love reading other writers’ work on that platform and wanted to update my own pages. Check out the first instalment of my newest YA story here.

Alternatively, you can check one of my other short stories out there or last year’s Christmas ongoing narrative, Christmas Extra. I hope that you enjoy my writing and feedback your thoughts on it below.