Worry Poem

Every day I worry,

Every day I care,

My head is full of problems,

It’s neither here nor there.

When I’m full of worry,

It keeps me up at night,

The world has many troubles,

I want to do what’s right.

I worry about the climate,

Of how some just don’t hear,

The fact the world is changing,

A turning point is near.

I worry for the future,

Hoping to solve all issues.

I want to know we’re doing our best,

And we won’t be needing tissues.

Middle of the Week – A Poem

Rush, hurry, don’t slow down.

Middle of the week,

Time is flying by,

Not much time to speak,

But always time for, ‘Hi!’

Singing silly songs,

Laughing really loud,

Rushing round like crazy,

Pushing through the crowd.

Working late at night,

Working all day long,

Busy as a bee,

Gotta try and stay strong.

Striding for the weekend,

Looking forward to a rest,

Trying to keep my eyes open,

Weekend slumbers are the best.

One Of Those Days – Poem

Some days everything goes wrong,

From the moment you open your eyes,

Like when you run out of toothpaste,

Or adequate toilet roll supplies.

When the traffic is thick and polluting,

And you sit waiting for a red light to change,

Or you casually spill all your dinner,

On your favourite shirt, ‘Oh my days!’

Some days it all goes wrong.

At work nothing even works properly,

The photocopier is jammed and explodes,

You realise your pants are on inside out,

And the problems just pile on in loads.

You get home from work feeling tired,

And find you’ve got nothing for tea,

Maybe you also have days like this,

Or perhaps it just happens to me!