6 Quick Eco Fixes

I chose a picture of Scotland as this is where COP26 took place; where urban areas and mountains are next to each other.

Now that the COP26 climate summit is over, I felt that the momentum has slowed down regarding climate change in the media. Therefore this post is a quick reminder of the simple changes you can make to help us become more sustainable and stave off global warming.

1) Make an effort to walk or cycle more. Even if it is just swapping one journey a week, it will make a difference. Can you manage getting up ten minutes earlier and walking to work or school instead of getting the car out?

2) Have a meat-free day every week. It is easy and fun to come up with or follow vegetable-centred recipes. I have recently started to have more vegetables in my main meals, choosing vegetable lasagnes and pasta dishes over my traditional chicken or bacon meals.

3) Make time for educating yourself about climate change. Check out one of the many documentaries which are informative and thought-provoking. Greta Thunberg has a few programmes on the BBC iPlayer and Netflix has ‘Our Planet’ or ‘Cowspiracy.’

4) Clean and recycle waste products. Just because your yoghurt pot is dirty, don’t pop it into your normal household waste. Rinse it and recycle it. Recycling centres often reject unclean items so a quick rinse makes a difference.

5) Plan a holiday involving rail or sea. Try and swap your next jet-set trip for one using the rail, or even using a ferry or ship. Planes are the ultimate polluters and taking time to find alternative ways to travel is really important. For me, Eurostar is the key for trips to Europe.

6) When keeping fit, avoid cars. So many people drive somewhere to go for a walk or cycle. Rather than driving to the gym or taking your pet in your car to a park, find a closer alternative. Try home workouts or walking to the gym. Go for a run around your block. It sounds silly but so many car miles are taken up getting to a leisure venue in preparation for fitness activities.

Sorry if I am sounding as though I am saying obvious things but we have to do as much as we can to make changes. Let’s face it, our governments are nodding their heads but facilitating very little actual change. If you want more thoughts about climate change, check out this blog post.

Why Is Reading Blogs Beneficial?

I almost called this article, ‘Why is reading blogs powerful?’ But I changed my mind as powerful can sometimes suggest something negative and I wanted the post to be wholly positive. However, blogs are powerful entities which can influence people markedly. I would hope that blogs have had nothing but positive influences over me and I definitely have loved reading such a variety of them, especially in the past year.

As a reader and writer I have no doubt that any kind of reading is good for you in terms of expanding your vocabulary and improving your language flexibility. Of course, there are some blogs that are slightly one-sided and these may drag you down a rabbit hole of negativity, but I avoid those.

I chose this picture merely because I wanted some Norwegian countryside in my blog. I hope to produce more travel blog posts sometime soon.

Keeping It Positive

For me, I originally started reading blogs as a result of Twitter threads for writers. So yes, I was late to the party. Until then, I had only read a few blog articles and didn’t quite understand their functions. Nowadays I read probably ten blogs a day and absolutely love them.

What Are Their Benefits (for me)?

1) They have taught me so much about subjects that I previously knew very little about. Learning more about the environment has been eye-opening for me, as a geographer who is already very interested in this topic. Similarly, I have found out facts about health and nutrition, as well as mental health and particular industries.

2) I have begun to understand how blogging itself works. Learning from more experienced writers has been wonderful, especially knowing how they started out and what drove their blogging process. I also have enjoyed finding out about ways to improve SEO and integrate into the very friendly community of blog writers.

3) I have read such brilliant poems and short stories which I would never have otherwise come across. Some poets are very talented and their work is only available on their personal blogs.

4) Blogs often draw attention to goods. Yes, they are businesses and I embrace that. I would rather see a recommendation for a product from a blogger than just read meaningless endorsements on selling websites. We all know that product reviews can be misleading on selling sites, so blog reviews from trusted bloggers are far better.

5) My eyes have been opened to new destinations through travel blogs. Rachel Foy, for example, often visits places in Britain that I never thought of visiting up until now. Confidently Kayleigh also gives me plenty of ideas, such as recently with her Salford museum post.

6) Most of all, I have loved reading book reviews and this has influenced my reading heavily. The Happy Reader (from 🇨🇦 Canada) is one such blog that has given me book suggestions to follow up with.

So now hopefully you will understand why blogs have become more than just a hobby to me. Blogging is brilliant and the community is embracing. Reading blogs is beneficial in so many fabulous ways.

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8 Ecofriendly Things You Can Do Now

We need to discuss climate change and work together to solve it.

As we reach the middle of Blogtober there is no better time to draw attention to climate change. The Climate Summit is about to begin in Glasgow and I want to see lots of blogs encourage readers to think long and hard about this important matter.

I wanted to suggest some simple changes that you can make to your everyday life. Increasingly I try hard to make changes myself. Some are small and others big. It takes effort and we all have so much to do if we really stand any chance of undoing the climate damage already done.

8 Changes You Can Make Right Now

I wonder how many of these changes you might be willing to make.

1) Have a shorter shower. Instead of spending fifteen minutes in the shower, try to do it in five. Saving water and using it appropriately is one small way to show an ecofriendly attitude to your life.

2) Walk to your local shops twice a week instead of driving to out of town retail centres. By buying local you are supporting small businesses as well as reducing your vehicle usage. You are also getting some exercise and fresh air.

3) Encourage your children to walk or cycle to school instead of driving them there. Having studied this particular aspect of transport I could write a whole article just about this.

More people walking to school and work would make the streets feel safer and reduce the pollution and road traffic accidents which relate to local vehicle use at peak time.

4) Add more plants to your garden. We are losing our wildlife rapidly, as highlighted on today’s national news. By planting a small tree, some shrubs and a few extra plants, you can help to green up your locality. Even better, perhaps have a go at creating a vegetable patch.

5) Change your holiday plans. Swap one of your aeroplane getaways for one that you get to by rail or sea. I started doing this in 2014 and haven’t looked back. Also take the opportunity to explore your own wonderful country. I still have so many places I want to visit in Scotland and Wales.

6) Ignore fast fashion trends. Consider wearing clothes until they are worn out or repairing them as they fray. The fashion industry uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste.

The industry works on seasons and introduces new selections regularly. We need to resist buying clothes just for the sake of it or for the sake of being ‘on trend’. Being sensible and repairing clothes should be the new ‘trendy’.

7) Get your home insulated and turn down your heating by 2 degrees. Make sure you are wrapped up instead. A sweater on and plenty of throws around the house should enable you to lower your heating output. This is especially relevant during our current energy shortage in the UK.

8) Find out more about climate change because knowledge is power. Discuss the issues with your families and make it an ongoing conversation. The more we talk about global warming, the more likely it is that we will find ways to solve it.

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