Take a Moment

A poem about managing pressures.

Stressed and unimpressed,

Tied up in a mess.

Hardly able to sleep,

Just can’t get a peep.

Take time to unwind,

Maybe try to find,

Something chilled to do,

Make some time for you.

Have a little rest,

Curl up in your nest,

Take a little walk,

Ring a friend for a talk.

Have a bite of cake,

Drink a little wine,

Watch a bit of soap,

You know you can cope.

Take a little air,

Show the world you care.

Splash a puddle or two,

Then go back to being YOU.

Short Tales

I love short books! I even wrote one myself.

So it should be no surprise that I have decided to review three short books this week.

‘We The Animals’ is a gritty tale of growing up with brothers and tells all about the ups and downs of family life.

A short Tony Parsons crime story got my attention when searching through suggested publications. Find out what I thought about it here:

I also squeezed in a wonderful novella from my favourite author.

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Small Bird

I heard a small bird sing, somewhere near my house,

But when I tried to find it, it went quiet as a mouse.

I heard a small bird sing, gently ringing in my ear,

But when I tried to tickle it, it must have flew away in fear.

I heard a small bird sing, loudly by the shed,

But there was no sign of it, it had been messing with my head.

I heard a small bird sing, quietly overhead,

I pulled the covers closer, lying peacefully in bed.

I heard a small bird sing, all through the night,

But when I woke up and opened my curtains, it must have taken flight.