Books and Writing

This has been the first full week back at work after the summer holidays and so I wanted to check in with everyone. The weather has been rather hot for Autumn but I can definitely see a change in pace. This season is always busiest for me and I have to find time to squeeze in some quality writing and editing.

After sending back my first edit of my forthcoming YA book entitled ‘Being Watched,’ it seems like a good time to recommend a book.

Ten Things About Writing

During lockdown last year, Joanne Harris put together a really helpful guide for writers. ‘Ten Things About Writing’ has collections of top ten tips for going through different parts of the writing process. From developing characters to editing the first draft, this book is inspiring and easy to access.

You may already know that Joanne is one of my favourite authors whose books I have been reading for over twenty years. Her insights into the writing process are brilliant!

She has, for example, a chapter of ten aspects of what she calls ‘Detailing’ which outlines how to write about pain, the weather and scents, amongst other things. She also talks about food, which is one of her recurring themes in her French books, such as Chocolat.

If you want some useful tips on how to write and like to see the process broken down into manageable steps, look no further. This wise and fascinating book is just for you.

Below is an affiliate link to this book. My feelings about this book are entirely my own but if you buy the book using this link I will get a small kickback, at no extra charge to yourself.

Ten Things About Writing by Joanne Harris

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Keep It Fresh – Poem

Green is better than smog.

Fresh air is so important,

It keeps our lungs quite clean,

So why so much pollution?

It isn’t very green!

Lungs are dark in cities,

Muddied by constant smog.

Car engines always stalling,

No place to walk a dog.

Animals matter too, you know,

Pollution makes them sick,

We need to start to change things,

And make the changes stick.

So walk a little more, my friend,

Or catch a train or bus,

Keep the car for distances,

Trying cycling, it’s less fuss.

Politicians need to learn

That coal and gas are bad.

We all know there are better sources,

Let’s use them and be glad.

I suppose it’s easy to forget

That pollution is around.

It doesn’t sing, it doesn’t dance,

And poisons without a sound.

I dream a dream of futures

When renewables rule the day.

Solar, wind and thermal,

Have chased fossil fuels away.