Reconnecting With Wildlife

This month the Climate Change Collective are writing about how to make fresh connections with nature or simply reawaken an appreciation of the world around us. The topic is discussed in the newest lead post by A Sustainably Simple Life.

Check out the brilliant article here:

The post talks about a personal experience of attending a retreat. I can totally relate to the idea that withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spending time in the countryside is always beneficial.

Take Aways

Reading about being immersed with nature, this article reminded me how important it is to spend time with animals and plants. It is so easy to disconnect from the natural world and so making time to appreciate it is vital.

People who don’t recognise the importance of climate change are often busy working and caught up in urban life. Taking time away from all of that can draw attention to the fragility and value of wildlife and give us all moments to think about what is actually important.

As weather systems change and garden birds are becoming less visible, there is real value in ensuring you give yourself self care and allow yourself to rebuild a relationship with nature.

Thank you for popping by. Please check out the Climate Change Collective article linked above and drop a comment about how you plan to reconnect with nature.

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Reading Right Now

One of my favourite things is being snuggled up with a good book (or two) and being immersed in a brilliant narrative. As Christmas approaches, I fully intend to spend some more quality time wrapped up in a throw and absorbing great stories.

It has been a while since I shared what I am currently reading and so today I decided to drop some recommendations.

As my regular blog readers will know, I usually have a YA fiction book on the go. I am currently half way Alice Oseman’s first novel, ‘Solitaire’, which is where we first meet Tori, the sister of Charlie. She goes on to show up in the Heartstopper series as a moody, but supportive sibling. The book is well organised and flows well.

I am also nearly at the end of a book called ‘Dear Nobody‘ by Bertie Doherty. This is about two teenagers who are about to go to University when their brief affair leads to a pregnancy and the birth of their child. Well written, this book is very moving and reflective.

Plenty Of Drama

Right now, I am finishing ‘Broken Light’ by Joanne Harris. I spoke about this fantastic piece of literature in my recent Read, Watch and Listen article so feel free to check out my thoughts.

As well as this, I am making my way through a Kindle book by Mel Giedroyc about a wealthy family who suddenly lose absolutely everything. ‘The Best Things’ is proving to be a satisfying and often humorous read.

Books I Am Excited About

I still have to get round to opening the newest book by Celeste Ng. ‘Our Missing Hearts’ is next on my TBR and I absolutely cannot wait to free up some time to read it.

Thank you for reading my update. What books are you currently enjoying?