The Scream Movie – Review

As a teenager of the nineties, I clearly remember going to watch the first Scream movie and feeling the buzz for it. It was fun and popular and had a good mix of comedy and horror. Having then seen the following three movies, it was exciting to find out that another instalment was coming, with some of the original cast members involved too.

The 2022 movie takes us back to Woodsboro, California. This was the town in which the first people donned the ghost face masks and started attacking teenagers. The films all follow groups of students who are fascinated with horror movies and have lots of specific knowledge about this genre. This one is no different.


Officer Dewey has come back in this story although he’s now somewhat retired from the police force. His ex girlfriend, Gale Weathers, played by Courtney Cox (Monica from Friends) is still working in the media and needing more inspiration for her best selling books. These two were once again joined by the original victim, Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell) who had moved away but is always drawn into these difficult predicaments somehow.

Seeing these guys back was the thing that drew me in and they were all great. The new characters were also brilliant as teenagers obsessed with the Stab movies, which themselves were based on the Woodboro stabbings. Dylan Minnette (from 13 Reasons Why) was convincing as the cop’s son. Jenna Ortega (from YOU) had a difficult time as one of the victims but was both funny and entertaining in this role.

An Essense Of Scream

All of the key ingredients of the franchise were present in this film. The only thing missing was the direction of Wes Craven who sadly passed away in 2015. In homage to him, Dylan’s character was named Wes, which I think is a lovely touch.

With a quick pace, a fun soundtrack, a lot of unpredictability and a good production quality, this movie is a really satisfying instalment. I totally recommend taking a trip to your local cinema to check it out soon. Although it is a horror movie it is also a comedy and has lots of tongue-in-cheek moments.

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Pay Day Poem

January drags its feet,

All I do is work and eat.

Time goes slow with mornings dark,

Need something positive; a fresh spark.

Got paid early at Christmas though,

Now I find I am short of dough.

Counting pennies, cooking more,

Want to have fun, but forced to be a bore.

Watching movies, reading books,

Cleaning rooms for fresher looks.

Thinking what to spend money on,

Hurry pay day! Just come on!

I wrote this poem after waking up and realising that I still have two weeks until I get paid again. Although I am much better with money than I used to be, I have had some unforeseen expenses this month and so the tap has well and truly run dry.

I wonder how many of you spend too much in December and regret it slightly by mid-January. It just makes me want to blow some cash on take aways and nights out when I finally do get paid. Or even book some lovely theatre tickets so that I have something great to look forward to.

Today’s poem is a bit silly but let me know if January feels like this to you. For another of my poems, click here.