Easter Poem

Easter is here

Children delight

In chocolate eggs hidden

Just out of sight.

Spring is a springing,

The clocks have now changed.

Hot cross buns sitting waiting

Butter, jam – all arranged.

Bunnies are jumping

While egg hunts take place.

Finding the most eggs

Is a greedy old chase.

But does anyone remember

Why Easter even takes place?

Don’t ask me, I’m busy

Stuffing my face.

The origin of Easter

Is often forgot.

Just so long as we’ve chocolate,

We’ll gobble the lot.


Often when I ask students about the meaning of Easter, they get sidetracked with the commercial bits. Instead of Jesus and resurrection, they enthuse about chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and Easter bunnies.

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly Easter poem. Please consider checking out another recent poem about Friday.

PS – And yes I used the same rhyme twice, for effect.

Damsel – A Dragon Story

Although my picture may not represent the Irish dragon who lurks beneath a mountain in this Netflix movie, it captures the mood of the film. In this post, I review this entertaining movie which stars Millie Bobbie Brown and Nick Robinson.

Lasting 1 hour and 49 minutes, this adventure story depicts the joining of two important families by marriage. Elodie (Millie Bobbie Brown) is brilliant as the girl who is betrothed to a prince in order to fix her father’s financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, after the marriage, Elodie is dropped into the cave where an evil dragon dwells. She was meant to be an offering made to keep the dragon away from the medieval town.

My Thoughts

The initial wide images look a bit like cartoon scenes as the special effects are less sophisticated than you would find in the cinema. However, that is soon forgotten as you get sucked into Elodie’s adventure.

Millie really shines in this movie. With Ray Winstone playing her dad and Angela Bassett as her step mum, she is in good company.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns that the main character took as she tried to escape the dragon. Her awkward relationship with the prince (Robinson) was also interesting.

This was never going to be a heavy script with social issues grappled with. It was, though, hugely entertaining and a good piece of escapist television.

If you want a distraction and to be taken off to a medieval world where a dragon threatens civilisation, this is certainly worth checking out.

I totally recommend spending an afternoon following this narrative. Damsel is satisfying, fun and was a Number 1 success on Netflix.

Friday We Love You

A short poem of appreciation


Friday we missed you,

With your familiar ways.

You’re much more exciting

Than most other days.

Friday you saved me

From a week of despair.

Of struggles and torture

And a load more grey hair.

Friday don’t leave me,

Though you’re sure to return.

Your feeling of freshness

Is one that I yearn.

Friday my favourite,

I can start to relax.

Getting ready for the weekend,

Living life to the max.