Amy Schumer Feels Pretty

Comedy Comes Good For Comedian

My friends took me to see a movie tonight which I knew nothing about. All I was aware of was that it starred the very funny Amy Schumer who I had recently come across in a Goldie Hawn Movie.

I had had a busy few days and did not have time to check IMDB, so I literally went with low expectations… in fact no expectations. Getting to the Showcase Deluxe in time to get some chicken nuggets and fancy popcorn, we gathered ready for a laugh or, if it went badly, maybe a little nap. I was never disappointed as, even if a movie disappointed, I could at least be guaranteed some much needed shut-eye.

During the opening credits, I clocked Michelle Williams listed and a guest appearance by Naomi Campbell. After seeing a great return by Williams in ‘The Greatest Showman,’ I was pleased to see my old Dawson’s Creek favourite back on the screen.

Starting with a hardly overweight and actually very attractive Amy pretending she was inadequate but dreaming of a lavish lifestyle as a stick thin model, the story became quite sweet and a little sad.

I wondered if we had in fact come to see a drama after all but soon I was reassured that this was a brilliant comedy. She sustained an injury which changed her way of thinking and ‘I feel pretty’ rang through as an overarching theme.

I was finding myself belly laughing at regular intervals, but also close to tears during sentimental segments. Michelle played a rich CEO for a perfume brand with a high pitched voice, bright make-up and a nervousness which Amy’s character was able to bounce off of. The theme of self-image and style fed the traditional ugly duckling comes good story. There was some depth to the tale but still a convincing script which maintained the comedy vibe.

Chick Flick It Ain’t

It was more than just a chick flick. It was a celebration of good values, opportunities to smile at the ridiculousness of our lives and genuine emotions. Amy did well as the lead, with superb supporting actors and a great appearance by Michelle.

I give this **** as it works well as a comedy and shows off Amy’s talents perfectly. The only lacking thing is the slight predictability of the theme.

Rating: 4 Stars

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