What Sort of Reader are You?

For today’s post I want to begin a conversation about reading styles and habits as this is something that fascinates me. I know from my own group of friends that they vary very much in how much they read and the genres that they prefer. One likes to deny reading while reading lots of non-fiction related to technology and dismissing it as work. Another is a lunch break reader and looks forward to closing her laptop and enjoying a caffeine fix while perusing a crime drama.

I wonder how you might answer the following questions? I have played along with each question and hope that some of you will comment your preferences.

Reading Quiz

1) Do you like to show off about reading fiction? In other words do you read out in the open?

Me: I like to read at home and work but I take myself to a quiet corner if surrounded by others. I’m a proud reader but I hate interruptions like, ‘What’s that book about?’ or ‘How are you finding it so far?’ Books normally whisk me away somewhere else in my head.

2) Do you talk openly about what you read?

Me: Yes I initiate conversations about books because my friends enjoy books too. We love to discuss the same book and, although we are not a book club, I have a couple of friends who will read the same book as me at roughly the same speed. We track our reading progress on Goodreads.

3) Are you a nighttime reader?

Me: Definitely I read more in the evening and especially before sleeping. However, I also love an afternoon read of a quick chapter during my break time at work. Any spare few minute is an opportunity to break open an ebook.

Everyone loves a good book in bed.

4) Do you find yourself making excuses in order to find the time to read?

Yes. I sometimes tell someone that I can’t do something with them because I really need to protect my reading time. I am a sociable creature but if I am always doing jobs and going out for coffees, I will never keep on top of my TBR list.

5) Are you a fiction-only kind of person?

Nope. I love fiction and absolutely throw myself into stories but I also like to know about people’s actual lives. So, although I read a lot of fiction books I also like to have a biography on the go. Usually it will be a famous person who inspires me. Recently I have read biographies by Julie Andrews and Mindy Kaling.

6) Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on reading?

These are times when I get book envy, especially if two of my colleagues are discussing a good book that they have both already read. Before long, I will have it ordered and on its way to be unboxed.

7) Will you take a book to bed with you?

Pretty much every night I do. If I am too exhausted I may not make it through more than about a page but usually I manage a chapter or two before I drift into the world of dreams. Reading in bed is super satisfying.

8) Paperback or Electronic?

I love the smell of a new book. Paperback that is. For me, a paperback just feels right and so will always remain my favourite format, but it’s just not always practical to have one with you. So, in all honesty I probably read more ebooks, as I can pick them up any time that I have my ipad or phone with me.

Three Types Of Reader

Having answered these questions, you now probably classify yourself as one of the following types of readers:

1) A Sneaky Reader

You are someone who may not want to brag about what you read. You may even be embarrassed to read in public. Most likely you read when others aren’t around or during a quiet moment when you think nobody will notice.

2) A Stable reader

This type of reader is happy to read and finds ways to integrate reading into their life without difficulty. A stable reader reads regularly but may often find times when they don’t have time and it won’t bother them either way. The stable reader always returns to books after a while and is good at managing their time without putting undue pressure on themselves.

3) A Rallying Reader

If you fit into this category, you like to shout about what you are reading. You will have a reading group or be part of an online forum. Probably you will go around rallying people to the cause. Encouraging them to try a book that you love and to get hooked into the wonderful world of literature. You are a keen reading bee!

This was meant to be a bit of fun but it is always interesting to reflect on your own reading habits and I hope that you enjoyed the article. Please consider following my blog for more articles on reading and bookish content.

6 thoughts on “What Sort of Reader are You?

  1. I prefer paperback/hard copy too. I guess I’m a sneaky reader since I tend to read at night. But that hasn’t stopped me from once in a while taking a book with me to read (especially if I know I’m going to be waiting around somewhere for a while).

  2. I also prefer paperbacks!
    I’ve been using audiobooks a lot more though since I can get through a book on a long drive.

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