Five Things That Make Me Chuckle

Sometimes things happen that perhaps were unplanned and often unexpected, but they make us smile nonetheless. I wanted to write a blog post where I can list some of the things that make me want to laugh. Hopefully you will relate to some of these. If not, then that just shows I have a unique sense of humour. Of course, there are times when laughing isn’t appropriate so I have to hide a smirk or blush and hope for the best. Let me know what everyday things make you chuckle.

When I see something funny, I really struggle to hold in a laugh.

Here are the things that make me smirk or blush:

1) When a friend or family member is drinking whilst trying to tell you a story. They become so engrossed in what they are saying that they go to take a sip of their drink and they miss their mouth altogether. This is such a small thing but it makes me chuckle every time.

2) Another food one is something that happens to me all of the time. It’s when one of you is out in public, wearing your smartest clothes and you spill your soup (or equally messy food) all over your lap. You then spend the rest of the night trying to hide the stain. The last time it was pesto sauce for me. For my friend C, it was gravy and it completely covered her bust. OK I admit I find it funniest when it happens to somebody else. If it involves me, I will usually laugh about it afterwards though.

3) When older family members get up from their chairs and let out a little noisy bottom burp. I know they probably can’t help it but I especially used to giggle when it was my great nan doing it. She used to totally own it and join me in laughing it off straight away. Due to her being such a refined character, it always seemed out of character to me.

4) Getting the wrong end of the stick. I love that phrase so much and I often misinterpret what people say. It commonly happens when I am not listening carefully to someone and I only pick up half of a story. I then come to my own conclusions about what they were talking about. Usually my version of things is much more interesting than the original tale.

5) Karma. This one especially pleases me because when I see someone being obnoxious or rude I always secretly wish that they have some sort of negative comeback. Once I remember a guy pushing past me to get into the post office. He was very pushy and forceful, so much so that as he pushed open the door he failed to notice the step beneath it. He went and fell on his backside while I quietly slipped past him, giggling the whole way.

These are just small things but all of them provide me with great amusement. What things make you smile, smirk or belly laugh? Drop your own thoughts in the comments below and perhaps consider following my blog.

13 thoughts on “Five Things That Make Me Chuckle

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I’m lucky, having a dog makes you smile every day – they are just so endlessly happy with the simplest of things. Empty cardboard box? Excellent, I’ll rip that to shreds for you. Surplus energy? I’ll race around in a circle at high speed doing my best impression of one of those motorcycle Wall of Death riders! Messy meal? I don’t care that I have some smeared around my face – I enjoyed the meal and that’s all that matters.

    I am a big fan of Karma comedy moments, too.

    And trip recoveries. You know, when somebody trips and they manage to stop themselves from falling over and then try to style it out as if nothing had happened.

  2. You do have good sense of humour. Plus, you know how to bring out the Mickey in you. I hope everyone finds this post cute too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These have given me a much needed laugh! Thank you. I am a big fan or karma too, haha!

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