Death on the Nile – Film Review

Last week I was able to nip to the cinema to watch yet another Kenneth Branagh film. Isn’t it funny how movies involving the same people seem to come out close together? This is his second time directing an adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel. Having seen the first one, I knew that I was likely to have a great time.

What’s it all about?

In this detective story set in 1937, a group of mainly wealthy people were on a cruise down the River Nile when murder struck. The well known Hercule Poirot just happened to be on board ready to investigate events.

Branagh played Poirot brilliantly yet again and his accomplice Bouc (Tom Bateman) also came along for the ride. Alongside them were Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French as a rich god mother of the woman celebrating her marriage (Wonderwoman Gal Gadot) and a nurse maid. Russell Brand appeared as a doctor who used to date the bride. The cast were incredible and all of the characters had clear motivations for murder.

Best Bits

The storyline felt even stronger than the first movie. (I half expected it to be less interesting.) It started with Poirot witnessing a love conflict, while watching a musical act in a London club. Soon they were all in Egypt and the backgrounds looked grand (although no doubt mainly CGI – not that I can tell the difference any more). Before long they had decided to take a wedding celebration onto the water with a stunning cruise.

With a clever script and some funny one liners (especially from Jennifer) this film was well paced and kept me guessing right till the end. I went with two friends and we all changed our minds about who had done it about three times as the story progressed. This movie was definitely unpredictable and I was impressed by that.

Being a fan of the original Poirot actor (David Suchet) I felt like I was cheating him by being equally impressed by Branagh in this role. He was charming, humorous and drove the story forward well.


I would say go and check out this film. It has been widely successful and deserves to be reviewed positively as it had just the right amount of intrigue, pace and plenty of twists and turns.

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15 thoughts on “Death on the Nile – Film Review

  1. I recently saw this movie 🎥 and I enjoyed it so much. I liked how the story took its time with all the small details that add up in the end. Such a good mystery drama

  2. I am a HUGE ancient Egypt/history geek who also adores all things Poirot because of the OG tv show with David Suchet (not John, his brother as listed here — easy typo to make). I also love the 1991 movie with Peter Ustinov so I am so excited to watch this version of it. I loved your review as I feel like it was nicely balanced — thanks for this!

  3. Saw this today! I actually preferred the first one to this, however I enjoyed the destination views, so beautiful and there were a couple of faces whom I was shocked to see in it. A pleasant watch

  4. This sounds like a really interesting thing to watch. I like a good drama! Thank you for sharing a detailed written review!

    Lauren –

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