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I hope that everyone has had a reasonably good start to their summer. As you know, I have been bogged down with admin for my full time job and my blogging has taken a back seat. This is something I never wanted to happen but ultimately I only have so much energy.

Energy Crisis

As we are going through an enormous rise in fuel prices, caused partly by a war and partly due to some rich companies being extra greedy, it feels like the right time to change our attitude to cleaner energy solutions.

Yet in the USA some of the pollution capping previously outlined has been overturned. The Supreme Court limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to control emissions of pollutants, going forward.

Is it me or is the Supreme Court (9 individuals) becoming a bit big for its boots?

This is not the only stupid decision that this ridiculously powerful collective made recently (see Roe v Wade reversal).

Anyway, the overpowering facts about climate change still seem to rattle very few political cages and people are still making purely economic choices instead of climate- friendly ones.

With energy price hikes, the economic instinct should be moving towards non-fossil fuels and sustainable provision of electricity. We just need to make those greedy politicians wake up to the fact that there is more to life than golden handshakes and parties.

Rant over.

10 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I just sold my car because of the fuel prices. I hardly used it anyway so the extra money was fab! Just being alive is so expensive these days.

  2. These are challenging times. I am seeing many more electric cars here in Vancouver and the waiting list to get one is very long. That’s encouraging to me. I can’t believe the SCOTUS rolled back time by 50 years – RBG would be beside herself.

  3. The lack of focus on environmental issues by government frustrates the hell out of me. In Canada, some (luckily not in power at the moment) political parties pander to the oil companies like you wouldn’t believe. Come on people! There are solutions out there! Let’s get on board.

  4. The SCOTUS decisions lately have been stark and alarming; the choices America makes with regards to climate action literally have a worldwide impact. Very sad (but sadly not unsurprising given the sh*tshow this has become). Thoughtful post — thanks!

  5. The energy cost is so huge these days. It is sad to understand that the political choices are made mostly to protect the profit of big companies. The world is going through a major climate change and it is sad to understand that profit is the only factor that is actually important to governments

  6. It is frustrating that there is so little focus on climate change. It’s horrible that it seems like the US is moving backwards with all the decisions the Supreme Court is making.

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