Read, Watch and Listen (July)

My regular readers will know that I love nothing more than a good book, a great TV show and something cool to listen to. Now that it is finally the summer holidays I intend to spend a lot of quality time immersed in great books and absorbing plenty of worthwhile entertainment. So let me find you some tasty morsels to read, watch and listen to in July.

Today I particularly wanted to share with you some of the most intriguing content that is keeping me occupied currently. As I lounge around on the settee, I need nothing more than access to a couple of paperbacks and a TV remote in order to be totally satisfied. Yes – I am easy to please. I do have high standards though and will soon give up on a TV show or story if it doesn’t sustain my interest. A podcast has to be eye-opening or funny to keep me coming back for more.

Heartstopper 3 by Alice Oseman

I love Heartstopper. It is easy to read any one of the (currently) four books in a single sitting. These stories originated as web-comics which were firstly posted in bursts on Tumblr and then published after the success of Oseman’s first novel – Solitaire.

Charlie and Nick have a love story that is full of twists and turns. It looks at the issues facing young people as they come to terms with their sexuality and is done in a fun and entertaining way. I feel that Heartstopper is groundbreaking and would have made so much difference if it existed in the nineties when I was growing up.

If you like to dabble in YA books, then these LGBTQ+ books are feel-good pockets of joy. I read the first two a while ago and have finally opened the third instalment, which was just as good as the rest.

HiJack – Apple TV Plus

I am in the middle of this exciting Apple TV Plus drama about a flight from Dubai to London which was taken over by hijackers. Starring Idris Elba as Sam, the confident tactician who finds himself amidst a hostile takeover in the air, this series is gripping and relentless.

Although we expect a hijack from the start, there are so many interwoven plot points which make this TV show unpredictable. It is cleverly written and fast paced. Each episode keeps you on your feet as you try to work out what on Earth is going on.

The Witch Trials of J K Rowling

This controversial and detailed seven episode series is a podcast which explores some of the issues surrounding J K Rowling being ostracised by parts of society.

I honestly knew very little about her situation but was aware that she had upset a large community because of her posts on twitter. I was recommended this podcast as a neutral exploration of the build up to this subject.

It is easy to take sides but I felt I didn’t have enough information to make an informed judgement. This podcast delves into unfair treatment of trans people and the possible interpretations of J K’s words.

I can see now from both sides what some of the issues are. Listen for yourself to be better informed about the matter. The podcast host probes J K deeply and cross-examines protesters as well. It seems a fairly balanced production with eye-opening revelations from both sides.

And Finally

I hope that one of these suggestions has grabbed your interest. Every month I try to recommend something to read, watch and listen to and I value your thoughts on my choices. Please drop a comment with your take on any of them and your own suggestions.

If you are looking for another gritty drama, check out my review of the Paramount Plus series – Yellowjackets. Also please consider following my blog for similar future content.

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  1. I did hear about the controversy around JK Rowling but didn’t know that there’s a podcast discussing it. It definitely picked my attention. I might check it out. Thanks for sharing, Jamie.

  2. As an introvert, good books & TV shows also made my day. The book you recommended in this post sounds like an awesome read. I’ll check that out. Thank you for sharing.

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