Are You A Short Or Long Book Lover?

Only the other day I was talking to a very kind lady who worked in Waterstones about the length of books. I had been looking for a shorter book to read between my meatier ones and thankfully her store currently had a section just for those books that are under 200 pages. We discussed the preference for short or long books and decided we both went through phases. Can you be a book lover and not have a favourite size?

Having considered this a bit more, I realised that friends of mine tend to lean towards one or the other. I have a colleague who reads long crime books one after another. They never seem to opt for short books and hardly ever step out of that particular genre.

Others read a mix of YA books and Tiktok recommendations, which also tend to be on the shorter side.

Benefits of reading shorter books:

– These stories tend to be straight-forward. No getting bogged down in side characters and sub-plots.

– Stories revolve around one or two key characters who you can immediately start getting to know. For example, The Cockroach explored a political character and his rise to power.

– Short books don’t always need chapters and if they do have them, then there are very few.

– You can get through these quicker and read more of a variety of books if they aren’t super long.

Benefits of longer books:

– Much more meat on the bones. Obviously.

– You really go deep into the world of the characters and their minds.

– Chapters break the novels into manageable chunks (almost like short stories).

– Storylines are fully developed and are able to explore full character arcs including side characters. Sometimes they go off on interesting tangents and explore related issues.

– Longer books are often great inspiration for movies.

What do you prefer?

Is your preference for short or long books? Are you someone who likes to finish a novella in one sitting or would rather enjoy a gritty novel over several months?

For me, I tend to do a bit of both. I am usually reading a 400 page book or two, whilst also dipping into a couple of well chosen novellas.

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  1. My thought is if it’s long, it better be great! Most of the bigger books I’ve read lately have had a lot of fluff. I love a tightly constructed, high impact novella!

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