Why Are We Promoting Oil And Gas…Again?

In the King’s speech, it was this week stated that there will be more licenses available for oil and gas extraction around the UK. Whilst the King was saying these words, I bet he was disgusted with what the implications would be.

As a well known environmentalist and campaigner for sustainability, Charles must have resented promoting more oil and gas digging.

For me, it just doesn’t sit well.

I cannot get my head around the idea that we could still reach Net Zero by doing this. In my view, we should be reducing the use of fossil fuels as quickly as humanly possible.

Greener Energy

The government believes expansion of oil and gas fields will help the UK remain independent and stop our reliance on Middle Eastern and Russian fuel. This suggests they are not convinced that greener energy is achievable.

IT IS Though!

We have so much wind on these stormy islands. Our shores are surrounded by powerful waves. Hydro-electricity works well in some hilly areas and can be expanded to others.

Right now, a wave energy wall is being built across the Wash from Skegness to Hunstanton. It will help with flood protection as well as harnessing the strength of the waves.

Quick answers could include solar panels, which are currently growing up in pockets around my local area but seeing much resistance from local councils.

Let’s be honest, our island has enough potential to become totally energised by greener fuels.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, any extra oil and gas drilling means we are going in the wrong direction. We should be taxing rich companies and using that money to immediately expand solar panel fields, wind farms and start building more hydro-electric plants which could also aid the prevention of flooding.

What are your thoughts on the back-peddling regarding fossil fuels?

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5 thoughts on “Why Are We Promoting Oil And Gas…Again?

  1. It’s so frustrating, Jamie. We see it here in Canada, too. A few months ago, oil-rich Alberta put a moratorium on approving new renewable energy projects, yet fossil fuel projects hum along with no opposition. Sadly, in our capitalistic society, it’s all about the money.

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