Finally Cooler – A Poem

After a summer

Filled with such heat

Plenty of rain

Falling down on repeat.

Finally things 

Are cooling a bit

Late in October

I can’t quite believe it.

Last week we had records,

23 degree days.

As the Arctic ice melted

Some loved the hot days.

While crops over-ripened

And sea levels rose,

The extended hot summer

Meant many dipping their toes.

Yet still I am worried

That it is only the start

Soon Christmas will be boiling

Us baking like tarts.

So thank you October

For finally coming through

With much cooler weather

I can start feeling blue.


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7 thoughts on “Finally Cooler – A Poem

  1. We had a much warmer than usual September and early October this year. In fact, we have seen very little colour change on our trees, mainly because we haven’t had an early frost. It’s unheard of to be in the middle of October with no frost. Sigh.

    Mum and I are heading to England on Wednesday to visit my sister. Having a hard time figuring out what to pack. LOL

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