Jungle Cruise Review

This morning I created a quick YouTube review of the new Disney movie, ‘Jungle Cruise’ which stars Emily Blunt, The Rock and Jack Whitehall.

In short, I was intrigued by this movie as it was based on a well-known Disney ride. Disney movies are always fun but lately some have lost their flavours a bit. Cruella recently impressed me and so I was hopeful with this movie too. Check out my YouTube for my thoughts on the matter.

Booktube Again

After two months off, I am back on Youtube talking about all things book. I love books so much that I have decided to do some of the Booktube Tags which ask questions about reading habits.

It is nerve-racking making a Youtube video but I definitely find it fun too. Trying to build an audience is tricky as it is with any social media but getting to read comments underneath and chat about wonderful books is so rewarding.

My blog is my main priority at the moment but engaging with readers and writers on Booktube is an added bonus. Many have already spotted who are my favourite authors as I do come back to them regularly. However, I regularly talk about newer authors and different genres that are outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway here is the link if you have a couple of minutes to check it out: https://youtu.be/a9N5GgIEdnI

Back to YouTube

Today was the first time in ages that I had time to make a YouTube book review video. It was great to be able to share my thoughts again in this way and I hope that it complements my blog nicely.

Two books really held my interest recently. These are what I have discussed in my vlog and I was very satisfied by them, despite them being quite different to each other.

Check out my video to find out more. Perhaps consider following my blog or Youtube for more bookish content.