Covid Realist or Pessimist?

Maybe it is the pessimist in me that makes me worry about the new attitude people are having towards the Covid pandemic. Many people say that I am a happy and positive person but, regarding this situation, I like to think of myself as more of a realist.

Is it just spiralling out of control?

When I am confused about something or want to make a decision, I usually weigh things up using lists. Here is my pros and cons list about the current situation:


1) The vaccine is mostly rolling out well (although we still have many who refuse to take it and teenagers who have not been given the chance).

2) Businesses have been able to reopen fully, which means job security and the end of government loans and furlough.

3) That’s where I start to run out of positives but I can see people enjoying themselves, partying and generally having fun.


1) The UK infection rate is rising rapidly. Roughly 50 thousand people are testing positive daily.

2) Hospitalisations have increased markedly in the past few weeks. Currently 4.5 thousand people are staying in hospital each week.

3) The death rate has reached 96 in a day, heading towards a few hundred a day in the near future.

4) Freedom Day meant an end to social distancing and mask wearing in public spaces.

5) Large crowds of football fans and lots of close gatherings, including nightclub events and celebrations have meant a very quick relaxing of attitudes towards Covid. Such sudden relaxing could easily fuel a steeper rise and the introduction of more variants.

So yes… At this time I do feel like the negative points outweigh the positives. It is unlike me to concentrate on the negatives but I feel there is no choice right now. Pragmatic people can see that the reality is that we have a problem and just turning a blind eye to it will not make it go away.

This was one of my most serious posts yet. I do want everyone to have a lovely summer but fear that if we all go crazy it may be a very bleak Autumn indeed.

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Here is a link to my recent poem about Freedom Day:

Freedom Day? Really, UK?

The party may not lead to happiness.

You may call it Freedom Day,

But Covid hasn’t gone away,

A lot of people still shall suffer,

And all this means is less to buffer.

Thousands rushed to nightclubs to dance,

Ripped off masks and took others’ chance,

Of actual freedom away in a flash,

Merely by acting so selfish and rash.

We need to look after each other dear friends,

Or this situation won’t tie up loose ends,

Let’s be a little less quick to party and chill,

For some, Covid matters and some it may still kill.

Lockdowns Over (for now)

Can we get back to enjoying life?

As England sees its lockdowns end,

Some things excite, but I can’t pretend,

To be completely satisfied,

That when they say we’re safe, they’ve not lied.

Yes we have had a football contest,

And many people chose to protest,

About the restrictions and wearing masks,

But was mask wearing such an awful task?

Will unlocking make everything right?

Can high Covid rates be an oversight?

Will our NHS doctors thank us for this,

Or is it just a game of ‘hit or miss’?

I want to believe that the worst is behind us,

That we can now live our lives without a reason to fuss.

To wave goodbye to Covid and grief.

Oh how that would be such a relief.

So fingers crossed and let’s move on,

But don’t make us regret it, I hope I’m wrong,

I hope we can get back to doing nice things,

And all the pleasure that used to bring,

Is the mist rising or falling?