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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about some amazing writers who really impressed me with their work and this week I have two more to recommend. After demonstrating why Liane Moriarty, John Boyne and Joanne Harris are high on my list of authors, now I want to talk about Matt Haig and Celeste Ng.

Books to read in the bath, in bed or on a train.

What makes a writer great? (In my view)

Well, for me a great writer is somehow who can captivate me again and again. Both of these writers cover different genres and have quite distinct styles. In each case I have found myself absorbed in their fictional worlds and come out asking lots of questions, eager to know more.

Matt Haig

If you have ever watched my Youtube channel you will know that Matt Haig has given me plenty to talk about with his books which delve into mental health issues. The thoughtful ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ non-fiction best seller was inspired by Matt’s own depression and discusses this subject in detail, whilst showing how important it is to be positive.

This was followed by the brilliant ‘Notes On A Nervous Planet’ which covered all sorts of things causing us modern day stress. His books have short chapters, often use lists and include quotations. This book particularly analysed the power that social media has over our lives and how it can prevent us from sleeping.

Following reading the brilliant ‘The Midnight Library’ last year I decided to try another of his fictional stories, called ‘The Humans’. For my previous blog post about ‘The Midnight Library’ check out this article:

The Humans

A Cambridge Professor has his body inhabited by an alien who is trying to stop his mathematical findings being released . The discovery would be detrimental to other life forms and so the alien is determined to wipe anyone out who already knows about the lecturer’s results.

Weirdly, the alien quite enjoys inhabiting the professor’s body and engaging with his wife and son.

Matt Haig writes consistently well in fiction and non-fiction genres. He is insightful, witty and is not afraid to cover challenging topics.

Celeste Ng

I discovered Celeste Ng after hearing about Reece Witherspoon turning one of her stories into a TV Drama. Deciding to read it before the series came out, I was so pleased to find out that the book was exceptionally well structured and completely compelling,

Celeste quickly became an important author to me, and though she only has two published books so far, her skilful way with words is undeniable.

Little Fires Everywhere

With a family who live in a small town which is wholesome and predictable, the story begins by introducing a mother and daughter to the mix. Renting a room from the Richardsons in Shaker Heights, a place where the length of the grass is regulated, Mia and her daughter are an unlikely spot.

The book starts near the end as we discover the Richardson’s house on fire. Soon, we are taken back to the twisted events that led to this event, stemming from that very first appearance by Mia and her teenage daughter, Pearl.

Following this book, I read the stunning ‘Everything I Never Told You’ which discusses an American-Chinese household dealing with the aftermath of a tragic death. Yet again, Celeste’s chapters bounce back and forth in time, delicately unlocking a harrowing tale of jealousy, resentment and teenage angst.

Both Celeste Ng and Matt Haig are talented writers who never fail to impress. Friends of mine have gone on to read their books and enjoyed them enough to try other books by them. I would recommend downloading a sample of their work and seeing if you like their writing styles.

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  1. Great post! I was lucky enough to find Everything I Never Told You in a local charity shop and immediately bought it, and you’ve made me even more excited to read it!

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