Seaside Days

This week my blog posts may deviate from the normal ones because I am staying in Blackpool for a few days. Hopefully I should get some reading done too, as I love taking a story with me on holiday,

Weirdly Britain is having a few weeks of crazy rain and windy storms but I am determined not to let that ruin my getaway. It is just another sad sign that global warming is altering our local climate markedly.

Although these pictures are dark and moody, I felt really happy to be back at the seaside resort I last visited in 1993.

Blackpool tower was based on the Eiffel Tower.
Trams have been around since Victorian times in one form or another.
This very traditional North Pier still has a theatre at the end serving musicals and comedy.

I may pop a few interesting pictures on once I have settled in. Thanks for checking out my blog.

10 thoughts on “Seaside Days

  1. Awww Blackpool. It’s been decades since I was last there, it was a school trip. I didn’t realise that the theatre was still open to the public. Lovely pictures, can’t wait to see more.
    Have a lovely holiday 😃

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