Afternoon Tea – Strictly!

Once again, today’s article looks at things to do in Blackpool. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sun came out a bit and so it was an ideal time to go up the famous Blackpool Tower.

The view from the 518 ft tall tower (158m).

Before I took the lift up to the top of the tower, I had afternoon tea in the well known Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The BBC show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ comes here every Autumn for one of their special shows. The ballroom is historic and known as the HQ of dance, where national and international competitions are held.

It was lovely to take in the atmosphere of this architectural marvel whilst eating cheese, egg, cucumber or salmon sandwiches and plenty of slices of cake. These included eclairs, chocolate brownies, shortbread and Victoria sponge slices.

Couples waltzed around the hall as we ate, whilst the Wurlitzer organ pumped joyous music into the room.

After this we watched a 4D short film which showed the history of making this incredible tower and drew attention to other landmarks within Blackpool itself. I was pleased that they had chosen a song by Kylie Minogue to accompany this brilliant immersive movie. We were blown around, sprayed with foam and had to withstand a vibrating floor as we enjoyed it.

Overall, the day at the Blackpool Tower and ballroom was lovely, quaint and ended with beautiful views of the eventually sunny surroundings and relentless sea, which extended into the distance towards the Isle of Man.

Side note: Blackpool is a traditional seaside town in the north-west of England and was popular for shows during the Vaudeville era. Stars such as Julie Andrews started their careers performing there. It is now the most popular seaside resort in the UK.

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10 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea – Strictly!

  1. When I saw that image of Blackpool Tower I nearly did a double take! It was so great to read this as I’m a Mancunion and my family and I would go at least once a year for the day. We loved it! I’ve never been up the tower though, but I would love to next time I’m over. I think I might have to add afternoon tea to the bucket list now too!

  2. Wow now that’s a view and a half, I wouldn’t of been able to take that picture. The ballroom ceiling is magnificent, thank you for sharing your holiday snaps with us. I love a salmon and cream cheese sandwich btw 🥪 😂

  3. Great view! I’m glad you were brave enough to check that out for us. The ballroom looks so grand. Thanks for sharing!

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