Dear Book Snobs: It’s Okay To Read YA

I love this article which explains why YA books are just as credible and incredible as other stories. I agree that is is definitely OK to read YA fiction.

YA (Young Adult) fiction kind of gets a bad rap amongst some echelons of society, a phenomenon that’s been well-documented by bloggers and defensive …

Dear Book Snobs: It’s Okay To Read YA

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8 thoughts on “Dear Book Snobs: It’s Okay To Read YA

  1. This is an interesting post. I think that anyone can read anything that interests them. Reading should be enjoyable, so you should pick things that you enjoy!

  2. Book snobs are the worst. YA definitely gets a bad rep sometimes. It’s absolutely my favourite genre and I’m 29.

  3. Love this post! YA is our favorite and we’re in our 20s. In fact, I would have enjoyed English class more in high school if teachers had us read YA books that are relatable.

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