Why Is Reading Relaxing?

Everyone knows that I am passionate about books. That wasn’t always the case as for almost a decade I lost interest in reading altogether. However, I started to realise that something was missing in my life and decided that it just happened to be reading books. As soon as I started getting sucked into novels again, I didn’t look back. So, if you have ever wondered, ‘Why is reading relaxing?’ I am going to point out my observations on this debatable matter.

Reading is relaxing because it whisks you off to wonderful landscapes and allows your imagination to run wild.

I have heard some people suggest that reading is not as relaxing as watching TV or playing online games. Others suggest that reading is simply hard work. If you are lucky enough to know how to read, then I would say it is worth using that privilege and exploring the world of books. The more you explore, the more likely it is that the reading experience will become relaxing.

Here are some of my thoughts about why reading can be a very relaxing and entertaining experience:

Reading allows you to switch off.

As long as you have chosen a genre that maintains your interest, a book can be a good way to take yourself somewhere else. Some people say that you can lose yourself in a good book and I totally agree. There will always be books that let you down but usually, once you find some writers that entertain you, their novels become escape routes from the mundane repetition of every day life.

Books are fun.

Reading is definitely relaxing because it enables you to kick back and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions that supplement a good storyline. When you become absorbed in a gripping narrative your body starts to loosen up and you find yourself enjoying the activity. I personally always feel better about myself after I’ve read a chapter or two of one of my current books.

Some books are quite intense, such as thrillers. Others are full of humour. Whatever you read, there will always be moments of laughter, distress and excitement. Often I find myself rooting for a character and looking forward to the next instalment of a drama. Generally the feelings accommodated with reading are pleasurable and satisfying.

Perfect for bed time.

I like to read a book just before I go to sleep. Nothing beats that feeling of being warm and cosy in bed with a lamp on, lapping up the latest chapter of a gripping story. If you are not so keen on fiction, then why not use that time to catch up on a non-fiction text? For me, a fascinating biography is great to read just before I close my eyes. Currently, for example. I dip in and out of a very entertaining and witty book by Mindy Kaling.

Reading is sociable

One of my favourite things about books is talking about them with friends. Many of the books that I read by new authors came to me from recommendations by friends. Similarly, many people enjoy belonging to book groups and sharing opinions about storylines and characters.

Goodreads is another way for friends to display their recent reads and review them. Looking at other people’s reviews can be very helpful when deciding between books, considering which book to read next.


Reading books is a wonderful way to have some time alone and enjoy narratives. Life can get very busy and stressful and there may be times when it is hard to set aside reading time, but the benefits of doing so are enormous. For some ideas about re-engaging with books, check out How To Regain Your Reading Passion. Most of all, pick up a book and relax.

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18 thoughts on “Why Is Reading Relaxing?

  1. Thank you for this reminder. I haven’t read anything for enjoyment in quite some time. I need to get back into it and make more time for it. I used to devour books in my teens and twenties. It is so relaxing. Instead of scrolling on my phone, I need to pick up books again. 🙂

  2. I completely agree with your reasons! I love reading because it gives me a break from staring at a screen & they are fun! I also love talking about books I’ve read & recommended them to my friends.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about rediscovering reading after time away from it. That happened to me during my grad school and over the past few years picked it back up again. It partly inspired me to pick up writing, as well. Now, I don’t have time to read again because of work and (coincidentally) writing classes. I have a steady list piling up to read once I have time again!

  4. I can’t believe people find reading hard work! It’s pure escapism. I love finding books via reviews in magazines and papers, as well as from other bloggers.

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