Why Greener Spaces Matter

This month the Climate Change Collective are discussing the need for green space in urban areas and its increasing erosion. The lead post by Krista at A Sustainably Simple Life, talks about personal experiences of climate change. It suggests ways that urban areas can improve their impact on the environment.

Check out this brilliant, informative post for yourself:

Merging Towns

In my local area, it is clear that there is a demand to build more homes. A small estate that was built in 2005 has now blossomed into a massive development which is as big as a town. Previously green spaces have been replaced by roads, houses and retail outlets.

My childhood town used to have a gap between itself and neighbouring villages but now has extended across its green belt. Not only has it joined up to the next village but that village has now connected to the next town. Where I used to drive through pockets of countryside, I now just see houses all the way.

Is This The Way Forward?

We have to consider future planning for homes and the impact it has on the countryside. Towns are concrete jungles which absorb sunlight and increase run-off during storms. Flooding will become more of a problem as we build estates and remove woodlands and plants. Surely there are ways we can involve and integrate plants in our developments, by creating planted roofs, planting more trees and leaving lots of green space between streets.

Check out the interesting and relevant article by Krista and Alison and be sure to drop a comment. What are your thoughts on greener areas in towns and cities? Do you think there is more to be done to stop urban sprawl?

The Climate Change Collective is a group of enthusiastic bloggers who discuss climate change and make suggestions for being more ecofriendly. If you would like to join us please drop me a message and I will pass on your details.

13 thoughts on “Why Greener Spaces Matter

  1. It is distressing to see urban sprawl taking over what used to be farmland. The trend here in my community is to build up, not out so we’re seeing dozens of 30+ storey condo buildings popping up all over the place. That makes sense but not enough green space is being planned into these developments which makes me worry about the physical and mental health of the people living in them. There needs to be a balance.

  2. I am seeing similar changes in my hometown and it’s so sad to see all of the greenspace disappear. I hope that some practical changes and strategies can come into place soon.

  3. Here in NYC is the same. Every plot of land are now being used for real estate developmental projects. There a just a few green spaces including community gardens. Green spaces, as you said are important for the protection of the environment and the planet as a whole. Thanks to you and all the Bloggers who are shedding light on such an inportant issue.

  4. When I think about the changes I’ve seen in some of the areas I’ve lived over the past few decades it is incredible to see how much green space has been taken over with new builds. There is clearly a need for more buildings (most of the time, although some are questionable) but this has to go hand-in-hand with some kind of conservation of integration of green spaces. It’s so vital; now more than ever. Great post!

  5. An excellent read. It’s very similar to what you describe round our way too. The demand for new housing is ridiculous. However, the council have embarked on quite a lot of tree planting too.
    Oddly, I was teaching a lesson today about Urban Greening. Really interesting stuff.

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