Hot Weather Poem

Today I wake up to another day when the temperatures are expected to hit 30 degrees in England. Historically the average June temperature was 15 degrees in June (looking at various sources) but it appears that average is going to be overridden. Here is my hot weather poem to get you thinking about this.

Feeling warmer,

Jumpers coming off.

Bright sunny skies,

A hayfever cough.

Rivers looking lower,

Loch Ness is drying up.

Crops turning yellow,

Wondering, ‘What’s up?’

Lollies and ice creams,

Barbeques galore.

Burning campfires,

Wildfires will soar.

Sneaky UV rays

Peeling off my skin,

Forget about the causes,

Just take it on the chin.

Sunny weather,

Rain thunderous now and then.

Flash floods happening,

Dreadful yet again.

Massive cities smothered,

In dirty, choking smog.

Was it their pollution

That caused it all along?

Do we take responsibility

For the warming we create?

Or simply let it happen,

Till we’re in a right old state?

Let’s call this a wake up,

Let’s take some action right away!

We cannot simply brush it off,

Or we’ll have no planet on which to stay!

Final Thoughts

After days of choking smoke in New York, how can anyone deny climate change? The new heatwave in the UK has come sooner than last year and will no doubt cause problems, including crop destruction and water shortages… again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my hot weather poem. I hope that you might drop a comment with your thoughts on this issue. Have a look at my Greener Spaces article and the other Climate Change Collective posts for more info on global warming and suggestions. Perhaps also follow my blog for similar future content.

13 thoughts on “Hot Weather Poem

  1. Yes. I feel sorry for Canada with its wilderness. I feel like it is troubled because of the pollution of others. I will hate having to teach in rooms with no air conditioning too. Fingers crossed for that rain.

  2. It has been getting warmer in Denmark too, and even though the sunny days are nice, it’s not supposed to be this warm! Climate change is real and your poem highlights some of the real problems that happen as a result.

  3. The wildfires turned the atmosphere red and dusty and watching it in the news was horrifying. I can’t imagine how it must have felt for the people living there.
    Your poem is so apt about the situation we all are facing right now. Extreme weather will have extreme consequences.
    It’s already 40-42 degree in Delhi, India. To stay cool and protect myself from heatwave side-effects, I drink ‘aam panna’ or tangy raw mango drink. It’s delicious and healthy. 😋

  4. I am glad you found a cool drink to get through. I am having an iced coffee right now. Hopefully governments will start to reduce pollution.

  5. Excellent poem. Definitely relate with the past few days of air that made my eyes burn and head hurt from wildfires hundreds of miles away. Thanks for sharing!

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