Holiday Thoughts

Now the holidays are actually here,

We can finally give a massive cheer,

Take a breath and let it out,

After a horrid year on a roundabout.

Take a trip to somewhere fresh.

Give yourself a chance to rest,

Covid’ s put us to the test.

Lay down in the sun and chill,

Read a book and get a thrill.

Make some time for nature and space,

Holidays mean no need to race,

Although why not check out the Olympics?

Watch those gymnasts turning tricks.

Visit family and catch up with friends,

Do what you want to, before it all ends.

Before long we will be back at work,

So enjoy your free time, just don’t go berserk.

Day Out With Nature

Today, I decided that it had been a long time since I’d gone anywhere green. My mental health would definitely benefit from some fresh air and vibrant wildlife.

After a quick google of local country parks I found one about twenty minutes away that I had never heard of before.

Before long I was arriving at one of the little car parks next to this intriguing venue. It had an activity playground next to it which was bustling with families and a sweet little cafe advertising cakes and such like.

A walkway of peaceful nature.

Seeing several possible walkways I chose one to explore and was soon crossing a cute bridge over a very sunny lake. Fishermen and women sat nestled in small nooks scattered around the edge of the lake. Meanwhile parents led children around a trail, in search of certain animals.

Ducks and swans happily hanging out together.

Just over the little bridge was a bird watcher’s cabin which gave us closer access to some waterside sights. Despite being a stone’s throw away from a busy playground, everything was calm and tranquil.

The wildlife was colourful and abundant.

Some lovely benches were placed at intervals around the two beautiful lakes. Some of then were engraved with messages to loved ones no longer with us. Being a favourite spot for local fishers, there was even a large wooden carving of a fish in the middle of the park.

This peculiar fish was a talking point.

This was a short post to celebrate my first nature walk in months. I look forward to more days out this summer.

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How Eco-friendly Are You?

With recent developments in our climate illustrating just how problematic global warming is becoming, I thought it would be good to stop and think a bit about our own environmental awareness. An incredible heatwave struck parts of Canada this week, leading to destructive wild fires burning down villages. As well as this, Lapland hit its hottest temperature for more than a century, with a staggering 33.6 degrees C.

Can we get our ecosystems back on track?

In this article, I have posed some questions which will help us to contemplate how well we engage with climate change and whether or not we can do more to get involved. Small changes can help us to be more eco-friendly and ensure that we all play a part in digging the world out of this mess. As usual, my own answers are found under each question and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you think about food miles when you shop?

Lately this has become something that I really concentrate on. I often use a local farm shop for vegetables and when I don’t do this I look carefully at the produce available in the supermarket and hand pick things that come from within the UK. Replacing bananas with pears is one example of how I have made small, but noticeable changes. I also have cut down on the amount of meat that I eat. Although I love meat, I have now become used to cooking vegetarian meals several times a week. For example I now have vegetable pasta where I might have previously had chicken in it.

How do you get around?

I made a conscious decision, after flying back from a crazy holiday in Vegas back in 2014, that I would no longer fly on holiday, using planes. Having read that planes pump noxious gases directly into the upper atmosphere, contributing more directly to global warming, I made an effort to plan trips that involved going by train or cruise ship. Here is a blog article that I wrote about this:

I have also reduced the amount of times that I use my car each week. Unfortunately, work still requires me to drive as it is in a different town, but the journey is only seven miles. If I travel further I consistently use the railway or car share (though since Covid came along I have hardly had reason to travel anywhere further than twenty miles away).

Have you taken interest in climate change media?

By this I mean have you read articles about the problems associated with global warming, or perhaps watched a documentary? I know plenty of people who immediately switch off when you mention this subject and refuse to even consider the possibility. Others simply talk about it being inevitable and suggest that they can have very little impact on such a big problem, so they may as well leave it to someone else.

I admit that while governments are much more proactive in this area since Biden took over and the G7 countries started pushing for more electrics cars and less pollution, there is still much to be done. Pleasantly, this week the UK government announced funding for some car companies to create more electric cars in future. Hopefully we will eventually catch up with Norway where 53% of new cars are fully electric.

Lately I have been researching this topic and joined an informative forum called, “We Don’t Have Time.’ I also found the recent BBC ‘A Year To Change The World’ documentary by Greta Thunberg incredibly helpful. Her social media is full of evidence and research which is usually bang up to date and often quite alarming.

‘Can’t see the wood for the trees?’

What sort of waste do you create?

Although many of us use the recycling bin and food waste depository, some of us are still very wasteful when it comes to home decor and clothing. How many of us like buying new clothes just for the sake of it or to follow a trend, instead of because the old ones are actually worn out?

I rarely buy new clothes until I can see signs of wear and tear. When I get rid of them I mostly use a local recycling company who sends old clothes to poorer communities. Of course they don’t accept everything, especially if there are small stains on items, which for me often stem from spilt pasta sauce.

There are so many things that I could talk about here but perhaps these have already got you thinking just a little bit about how much consideration you give to climate change. So many people say that they are worried about it and like posts about the topic but do very little to actually impact upon the problem and reduce its spiral of destruction.

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