Holiday Thoughts

Now the holidays are actually here,

We can finally give a massive cheer,

Take a breath and let it out,

After a horrid year on a roundabout.

Take a trip to somewhere fresh.

Give yourself a chance to rest,

Covid’ s put us to the test.

Lay down in the sun and chill,

Read a book and get a thrill.

Make some time for nature and space,

Holidays mean no need to race,

Although why not check out the Olympics?

Watch those gymnasts turning tricks.

Visit family and catch up with friends,

Do what you want to, before it all ends.

Before long we will be back at work,

So enjoy your free time, just don’t go berserk.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Thoughts

  1. Lovely poem! I think we are all ready to get “back to normal” after this crazy year or so. 🙂

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