Poem About Pollution: Destruction in Rhyme

View from my train.

Pollution is one of the major modern-day tragedies that befall our planet. Through this poem about pollution, explore the consequences of air pollution and environmental destruction. Discover the power of words to raise awareness about these epidemic issues, and hopefully, spark action to protect our planet for years to come.

Who cares about pollution?

It’s only mucky air.

Why bother with the clean stuff?

You cannot tell it’s there.

Why worry about those gases

That circle all around?

Doing their dirty business,

But making not a sound.

I care about pollution,

Because it’s really grim.

Changing weather systems,

And making places dim.

Let’s worry about pollution,

And call for governments to act

To change our dirty habits,

And the way the odds are stacked.

A world without pollution,

Is one with variety and glee.

So get aboard and make yourself heard,

Don’t merely ‘Wait and See’.

This is a little poem I wrote because I was thinking just how grim pollution can be. Near me we have brick works which are constantly churning out filthy gases and I can see them on my drive to work each day. I really hope we don’t forget just how drastic climate change is and how important it is that we keep it in the limelight.

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An Environmental Thought

Although I often write about entertainment and books, I have always been keen to discuss environmental issues on my blog. There is no doubt that our seasons are changing due to global warming. This is an issue that needs not only highlighting, but urgently acting upon. Please consider my environmental thought and comment your own take on the subject.

Cleaner sources of energy are making a difference but we need so many more.

What is the latest?

Today they changed the definition of a heatwave in parts of England. This is a fairly big deal. Where it used to take three consecutive days of temperatures higher than 27 degrees C to constitute a heatwave, it is now going to need to be 28 degrees C. Why is that significant? It is all down to climate change.

Our average temperatures are going up year on year and so what used to be considered an unusual heatwave is now looking much more common. This is a really disturbing fact, given that we all have the power to do something about it. It has life-changing impacts on ecosystems and millions of people.

Just saying…

This is just a short post to highlight this change in definition and keep climate change in your thoughts. I believe that if we all put pressure on big businesses and governments, then we can really make a difference.

On a smaller scale we need to make good choices regarding travel, such as avoiding planes and opting for public transport more. Similarly, take up any opportunities we have to make changes to our home heating and insulation.

Simply choosing ecofriendly products can also make a difference. When we shop, we can decide to buy food that hasn’t flown half way around the world in order to reach our supermarket shelves.

There are so many things that we can do but it is really important that our politicians are persuaded to make drastic changes to the way we fuel our economies. Perhaps the recent energy price hike will help to spur them on with funding energy that doesn’t come from fossil fuels.

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Thought for the Day

I wanted to make sure that I got an environmental post in this week as, let’s face it, climate change is not backtracking any time soon. I am a member of groups that look into global warming initiatives and have had lots of updates recently, which I hope to drip-feed into my blog in the coming months.

This rainy day in Bern, Switzerland is a vision of the future for temperate countries like the UK.

Today I want to reflect on a poem that I wrote about warmer winters. In England, the weather has – without a doubt – been changing more rapidly than before. It is almost the end of February and we have not had a single day of snow (apart from some light dusting up north). The UK average temperature in January was 4.7 degrees C, compared to 3.3 degrees C in 2021 (source – statista.com)

Please remember…

This is not normal. Climate changes subtly over time but this is a marked change. Alongside increased temperatures, there have been more horrendous storms, like the one that has deprived thousands of houses of power yesterday (Storm Dudley) which is being closely followed today and tomorrow by another dramatic storm Eustace.

Quick Change

Without me being all bossy about this, let me suggest how important making a change to your lifestyle can be. Forget about plastics for one moment (as this is talked about a lot) and let’s focus on a change that will help reduce actual global warming.

Take my challenge and try and change one of these things if you can:

1) Walk to the shops or school or work once a week. It you already walk once a week, then try twice. What I am suggesting is to cut one local car journey and replace this with walking or cycling. I just walked to town this morning and it felt GOOD.

2) Take a train ride when going away. Ditch the car or plane for your next getaway. Don’t rush straight to booking a flight. Try a holiday that you can access by rail instead of burning fossil fuels so explicitly. Although trains depend on electricity, the balance of sources of that power is now tilted towards renewables (in the UK at least).

Ok. These are just suggestions for manageable changes but trying one of these out and making an effort to seek this option repeatedly will make a difference, especially as more people start to make such alterations to their lifestyles.

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