Staying Still Positive

Another brief note about keeping everything in tune.

Certainly the weather in England has improved this week and the nights are shorter. This does affect me by making me feel more relaxed and make evenings more bearable. If I am stuck at home catching up on work, at least I can do so with sun shining through the window. I wouldn’t say I was a sun worshipper but I certainly appreciate its light and warmth as a pick-me-up. It has a way of decluttering life whilst illuminating the positive aspects of daily life.

I do feel that this time of year is stressful with so many deadlines and such long working days, so I have to find things that help me get through and give me something to look forward to. Just a few hours in the summer sun, whether on a walk in the park or merely going from place to place between work sessions, is an easy way of rebuilding a positive vibe.

I hope that soaking up the sun’s energy and experiencing the pleasantness of such warm days will feed into my work and enable me to come up with more stories and inspirations for writing.

What do you do to stay positive?

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