When it is hot…

Global warming does seem to be making an imprint lately.

Temperature spikes at around 30 degrees Celsius have made the last few days seriously hot! Everyone is enjoying the long, moist nights but enduring painfully long days frying at work. It makes sleeping very difficult and we all start to become grouchy and in desperate need of holidays. I remember when summers used to be cooler but much more pleasant.

Nowadays the temperatures are Mediterranean and scorching everything. Wildfires have spread across the Moors near Manchester. More exotic insects have become more prevalent here. Air conditioning has become more desirable and electric fans have been selling like mad.

Yes… we all like the warmth. But is it affecting our agriculture, changing our lifestyles and making our work conditions very awkward? Do we need to begin having siestas?

Well, for many of us, who sun worship and perhaps have the SAD syndrome, the large amounts of sunlight will be keeping away those dark day blues.

For me… everything in moderation. At least can we wait until the summer holidays before ramping up the temperatures too much? I would love to read my books under a parasol and sip ice cold drinks. More importantly I have a novel to write and would love to spend the sunny mornings working on it.

How do these burning hot days affect you?

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