Sharp Objects

Gripping and enthralling!

I was informed by a friend that a new TV show had begun on NOW TV that was really exciting. Knowing that it was from a book by the same writer as Gone Girl it did not take me long to check out the first episode. Instantly I was hooked.

Starring Amy Adams, it has a really good cast, including, with a funny guest role, a marvellous Elizabeth Perkins. The story delves into the life of a journalist who has had to go to her home town, somewhere she has long since avoided, to investigate the death of a young girl. As she arrives another girl has been reported missing and she is quickly immersed in a complex plot line.

The reporter, Camille, soon becomes friends with another out of town investigator, a detective who is somewhat drawn to her. They both find it hard to get along with the local police chief. He seems strangely wound up with Camille’s rich mother, who has an incredibly strange hold over the local community. She seems political and to be the one who houses local events such as a historical festival where they celebrate a past battle.

I noticed the use of music and the way the camera enjoys watching people drive. It looks out of the windows and observes the countryside as Camille goes from one adventure to another and music plays softly as Camille’s stepfather contemplates his tricky marriage. It soon became clear that this is the style of Jean-Marc Vallee who we know well from the beautiful Big Little Lies. His style is elegant but also edgy, focussing on the main character and her torments, using flashbacks and scenes where she tortures herself with a hair clip.

Why not watch it to see if you like it too?

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