Honeycomb – A Book to Cherish

AFF – These is a link to the Amazon version of this book. I would get a small kickback if you bought a copy, at no expense to yourself. This is an honest review of a book I purchased myself.

This year Joanne Harris brought out a compendium book of short stories called ‘Honeycomb’. Originally this collection stemmed from a series of short Twitter stories that Joanne had written over the past few years. As a lover of these intriguing fairy tales, I got myself a copy straight away.

This is the beautiful hardback version.

Anyone who follows Joanne (@joannechocolat) on Twitter, will know that she likes to tell a story as a twitter thread, piece by piece. Usually each story commences with, ‘There is a story the bees used to tell…’ I seem to have a thing about bees lately, as ‘Writers and Lovers’ (recently reviewed here) also had a fascination with them.

In A Nutshell…

A Lacewing King travels the worlds and comes across a variety of odd and sometimes dark characters. For instance he meets the Spider Queen and the deadly Harlequinn. He acquires a coat of bees which often protects him from dangerous forces but his common sense frequently lets him down and he is drawn to hazardous situations.

These exquisite stories range from two to ten pages each and are easy to pick up and put down. When I have a spare five minutes I read another one and can guarantee it will give me something to ponder afterwards. Each tale presents a warning, a message or a clue that builds towards an overarching tapestry of stories. This work of fiction is gripping, imaginative and thought-provoking.

If you haven’t tried one of Joanne’s books before, start here. These bite size narratives are thrilling and fun. As soon as you have tried one of her stories, you will be keen to explore more of her work. She also writes YA books about Loki and the Norse Gods and is famous for writing ‘Chocolat’ which was turned into a movie with Judi Dench and Juliette Binoche.

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