Nearly Summer – Poem

I have begun to notice the temperature rise quite early this year. As it gets to 20 degrees C this weekend (in April!) it is clear that we are going to have another record breaking year. Mixed in with the warmth we have more rain than usual with an extremely wet March, according to the weather people. So my ‘Nearly Summer poem’ is a kind of warning that milder weather is not necessarily a good thing. It’s a warning.

Nearly Summer,

Feel it getting warm,

Nature awakens

And bees begin to swarm.

Spring feels different,

Windy and wet,

Hope we don’t get

Flooded quite yet.

Flowers blooming

All around,

Thunder making

A booming sound.

Still seems different,

Warm too soon.

Sometimes the rain

Feels like a monsoon.

Global warming

Less crops grow.

A very hot summer

On its way, though.

Yes it’s lovely

Weeks of fun

Basking and playing

In the burning Sun.

Nearly Summer

But it can mean


Heat stroke and water unclean.

Pipes overflowing

With sewage and grime

Sunburn and famine

For a very long time.

Enjoy your Summer,

It’s nearly here.

But remember for many

It’s a time to fear.

Thank you for reading my ‘Nearly Summer poem’. I hope that it got you thinking about how vulnerable our planet has become because of climate change. Here is a story I wrote imaging what it might be like if global warming keeps going, entitled Caused By Climate Change.

14 thoughts on “Nearly Summer – Poem

  1. Interesting poem. Love the warm weather minus the humidity here in the US. “For many, it’s a time to fear” This week in NYC we experienced temperatures averaging 87 degrees F. Global warming has a lot to do with the unfavorable feels that summer brings. This is why I love the Caribbean; its cool hot.

  2. An important reminder, Jamie! This past week, we’ve had two or three days where the temperature hit 30C. Ridiculous for April, to be honest. And, this coming Tuesday the forecast is 4C and SNOW! Yikes. The weather patterns are indeed erratic and worrisome. I’m especially concerned that we’re starting to see bud break on the trees and now they will freeze again. This is a concern for farmers because it could destroy their apple and other crops. Sigh.

  3. What a great poem, showing the good and the bad aspects of Summer. I don’t want Summer to come *quite* yet. I love Spring and don’t feel like we’ve really had much of a Spring so far!

  4. I have been looking forward to the warmer weather and here in Denmark, it hasn’t been too warm (the high has been around 12°), but your poem is a great reminder that the warmer weather is not always good because it can lead to so many other environmental problems.

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