I Miss Snow – A Poem

My one snowy day in 2021. I miss snow.

I miss the snow,

With its beautiful glow.

Miss the buttery frost,

Without it I am lost.

I miss the fun,

Get fed up of just sun,

Miss the snowflakes,

And the gleam the snow makes.

I miss snowball fights,

And cold, hot chocolate nights.

Miss the spiky holly,

And the winter jolly.

I miss the warmth and feeling,

Of gloves and hats; so appealing.

Miss the glistening scenery,

That sweep the memories back to me.

I would absolutely love some snowy days as they are part of our way of life. As a kid, I recall long enough Sunday walks in the whitened Fens. Global warming seems to be putting an end to snowy England. So yes indeed… I miss snow.

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Halloween 🎃 Items To Add Spook

AFF – You will find some affiliate links below. If you happen to buy one of these products, I will receive a kickback at no extra cost to yourself. A guy’s got to make living after all.

Everyone is talking about Halloween coming and in the USA people really go for it big time. However, in the UK it isn’t promoted quite so much. Let’s change that now. Below are some affordable Halloween items that could add some much needed Spookiness to proceedings.

Reusable Halloween Bags

If you want to create bags of fun and treats for your kids, then these reusable bags are a good investment. They can be used again and again for shopping trips, days out and even future Halloweens. Waste not, want not.

Spooky Sweets

Trick or Treat is much less fun without sweets. You can give out healthy snacks but where’s the fun in that? Try some spooky treats like the ones below.


Spook up your house this season.

I really like my windows to be dressed somehow and stickers always add some seasonal spirit without too much effort. They also come off easily when Halloween or Christmas is over. Here are some great decorations to consider.


No Halloween is complete without some scary spiders. Spiders freak me out at the best of times so I am happy to celebrate these spooky creatures once a year. Here is a bunch of 24 spiders you can buy and place strategically around the house to give your relatives some unexpected frights.

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