Sunday Roast – Poem

If you like to read a Sunday poem then this is for you. Hopefully my words will put the taste of a superbly cooked Sunday roast dinner in your mouth. When I think of roasts I remember my Nan cooking them for us and devouring the crunchy potatoes as well as the thick, flavoursome gravy. What memories does it trigger for you?

Turkey sliced with expertise,

Plates warmed at the ready.

Family and friends united,

Pot of gravy – hold it steady!

Roast potatoes glistening,

Golden and just right,

Kids all looking famished,

Take your time now – Please don’t fight!

Plenty of vegetables,

In bowls with large spoons,

Carrots and peas,

Brussel sprouts shaped like moons.

Cauliflower and Yorkshires,

With parsnips nearby,

Careful with that gravy,

You nearly splashed me in the eye.

I actually went out for a roast dinner last night at a carvery and woke up still thinking about the brilliant meal we had. It reminded me of the old days when I would visit my nan on a Sunday and she would make the most incredible family feast. My Sunday roast poem reflects my love for this traditional English meal.

In my head a Sunday Roast represents fun. Devouring Yorkshire puddings and parsnips was a great way to spend time together as a family. Fighting over the last roast potato was a regular occurrence. I miss all that now.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little roast poem. I have another poem about Sunday Nights which you may enjoy. Please consider following my blog if you get the chance.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast – Poem

  1. I love a good Sunday roast, we are all actually having one this evening. This is a great poem. Thank you for sharing Jamie.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  2. I miss my Mum’s roast dinners on a Sunday so much; hopefully when I return to the UK she will make one for me (even though I’m now vegetarian I can still vie for the roast potatoes)! Lovely poem!

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