Day Out With Nature

Today, I decided that it had been a long time since I’d gone anywhere green. My mental health would definitely benefit from some fresh air and vibrant wildlife.

After a quick google of local country parks I found one about twenty minutes away that I had never heard of before.

Before long I was arriving at one of the little car parks next to this intriguing venue. It had an activity playground next to it which was bustling with families and a sweet little cafe advertising cakes and such like.

A walkway of peaceful nature.

Seeing several possible walkways I chose one to explore and was soon crossing a cute bridge over a very sunny lake. Fishermen and women sat nestled in small nooks scattered around the edge of the lake. Meanwhile parents led children around a trail, in search of certain animals.

Ducks and swans happily hanging out together.

Just over the little bridge was a bird watcher’s cabin which gave us closer access to some waterside sights. Despite being a stone’s throw away from a busy playground, everything was calm and tranquil.

The wildlife was colourful and abundant.

Some lovely benches were placed at intervals around the two beautiful lakes. Some of then were engraved with messages to loved ones no longer with us. Being a favourite spot for local fishers, there was even a large wooden carving of a fish in the middle of the park.

This peculiar fish was a talking point.

This was a short post to celebrate my first nature walk in months. I look forward to more days out this summer.

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18 thoughts on “Day Out With Nature

  1. Great post! I love living in a forest with all the critters. Nature is so poetic.

  2. Beautiful walk. You are blessed to have the opportunity to be surrounded by nature like this.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to go out and be one with nature. It is the one thing that helps me rejuvenate and feel normal again really on those days I am just feeling out of tune.

    Looks like such a cute little spot you found, I suggest you spend some time in places like this more often and see the changes it makes for your mental health 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. Fresh water is so nice. Everyone talks about the ocean, but I love ponds and lakes.

  5. Glad you got some “nature bathing”. It’s a good idea to have those regularly. Thanks for sharing!

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