Cold Without Snow

Why Is Winter Not Sparkling White?

When I studied my Geography degree I focused on environmental subjects alongside glaciology. It is fair to say that snow and ice has always fascinated me.

So the lack of snow in Eastern England is really irritating me.

Obviously, I blog about climate change and know what that involves. Warming temperatures naturally lead to less wintry weather and generally more rain throughout the year.

Winter is becoming more about rain and flooding, instead of traditional snow flurries and frosty gardens.

What Irritates Me?

Well, for me, the weather which we do now have in winter is generally cloudy, murky and chilly. Lots of rain and wind has replaced the beautiful snowy periods that I remember from growing up in the 1980s.

I would love to go back to weeks of snow, sledding down local hills and warming by a heater, looking out at a white village.

So yes, it feels dull to just have grey days and darker afternoons. I would much rather see snow flurries and enjoy a walk in the crisp, fresh snow just after it has fallen.

Do you miss the snow or is it still a regular feature where you live?

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10 thoughts on “Cold Without Snow

  1. Until this week, this winter has been milder than usual with lots of drizzle and fog. We’ve experienced a cold snap and the ground is now covered in snow. More snow is on the way this week. This is more normal!

  2. For a while the winter here (Ohio, USA) was mild by comparison to previous years, but for a week now we’ve have a whole lot of snow and desperately freezing temperatures. There is a lot of wind so wind chill brings the temps further down, so it’s nice to be indoors on those days!

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