Too much POSITIVE?

Positive vibes,

Positive thinking,

Spread a little love,

Stop that overthinking.

Take a rain check,

Gives us a break,

Leave it alone, mate,

Why is some news fake?

Take a chill pill,

Give it a rest,

Chill out dude,

Live your life the BEST.

Take some down time,

Unplug, phones off, unhook,

Meditate, have a nap,

Go and read a book.

Now wake refreshed,

Put your best foot forward,

Get to work,

… this is awkward.

Truth be told,

There’s too many resting,

The world would be better,

If we were doing our best…ing.

Energy and passion,

Attitude and hard work,

Make YOU a positive force,

Don’t JUST be a lazy berk!

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